Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Woman - always again

The nerve
He kept using that derogatory name
over and over again
bridling me effectivly
probably without intention
but still
the nerve

inside of the box, no windows
Illutionoutlook, the world the world
inside the box, caught, hitch
Illutionsolution over, over again

Bound by the plight, cry mute
slient inferno in dead eyes
it's all over again, all over

It's her nerves, again, always again
new drug, postponed breakdown, postponed
breath the air, breath the air

patronicing, face in the dirt
you put my face in the dirt
breathing the air, gets difficult

Hitch, pulling at the stitches
wound, nolonger bleeding, still wound
stitch, stitch, stitch, hitch
hitching a ride down your version

Cold blooded, comended and blamed for it
sweet, it's still the same reasons
weak, it's still the same reasons
sexy bitch, slut, girl, it's the girl

Mulling at it, the sience of intellect
have I no intellect?
am I mere blood, hot burning blood
and tears?
A compulsive habit? Would it I was.

The girl, but not the girl
standing, bowed, still proud
In the box, by my own misguided choice
voice choking, the pain, the terrible pain

Where does it come from, calling me
Woman, within context, it is all wrong
again, I'm all wrong, always again
fits barely, marred by the edges

He kept seeing me through the convention
it weighed down on me, pushing
my face in the mud
too much, askes for clarity

She the woman, he saw her thus
blind in the boxworld, mystery imaginedismantled
who's to judge, non to discover
the boy was lost and yet
We call him man, easily
it's still the same reason
always again

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