Sunday, September 5, 2010

Oh hot damn, I'm moving to England.

So I've been putting of writing about this because I've been afraid I'd jinx it if I spoke too early. But now the buss to the airport leaves in 8 hours and it's starting to feel pretty real.

I'm moving to Kingston upon Thames, London, UK tomorrow and I'm moving there because I got offered a place at Kingston University to study art. I got offered a place and I still can't believe how terribly lucky I was to be in the right place that day in March.

I didn't really plan to study this year at all, I was planning to go north and work a year and put aside some money. I even had half a promise of a job and two offers to stay with people I know, but then it changes suddenly. I went to a students fair in March because I wanted to check out the Norwegian art school NISS and ask them if my portfolio was in order or if it needed improvement if I wanted to apply next year. Sadly,or luckily, NISS wern't much help to me and didn't even want to see my pitcures. So in the mood for some feedback from anybody I wandered around the fair talking to different schools and universities.

When the guy from Kingston wanted to see more pitcures I didn't even realise that he was in a position to give me an offer, so I got really flabbergasted when he said that my work looked very interesting and that they would like to offer me a place to study fine art. It felt like one of those e-mails that tells you you've just one a billion, but he singed a paper for me and shortly after I was contacted by "Across the pond" an agency which helps students go through the application prosess when they study in the UK.

Every step of the way I've felt like this could slip trough my fingers and disapear. Maybe they wouldn't like the letter in which I described myself and my goals, mabye my grades were too bad, maybe the fact that I've never studied art on any level before would prove to be a obstacle, maybe I wouldn't get a student loan, maybe I would fuck up somehow in some kind of significant way because I'm such a klutz and such an airhead.

But now everything is packed and the plane leaves at 7. I still havn't got a place to stay, but through I've found a place to sleep for a couple of days while I look for something more permanent.

I've got no idea what it is exactly I'll be doing over there, but I'm fairly confident that if kids fresh out of school can do it, so can I.

Now all I need to do is clean my room and post the keys to the student housing office. And then I can leave out the door to the great unknown. I've never even been to London before, oh man, but hey, I like adventures.